Waiting For London release quarantine music video

During this time of messiness and imperfection, the pop-rock band, Waiting For London, based out of Connecticut, released their latest music video for “Make You Mine,” a song off of their upcoming EP Worth The Wait, which is due out in June. 

The band filmed this video during the quarantine, with each member recording themselves and their activities over the course of several days to drive one important point home—that music is everpresent in our lives, and that music truly does have the power to heal us during this, and all difficult times.


Ryan Carson, lead singer, guitarist, and pianist has had his music described as “hookier than a bass tournament.”  Getting tired  of writing numerous songs and playing in bands that fell through, he reached out to someone he knew he could rely on, his bass guitarist cousin Chris St. John.

Keeping it all in the family, Waiting for London, got their name based on a script their aunt wrote about waiting for a girl named London.  While writing a few songs together, the cousins decided to stray away from the negativity that had surrounded them; creating music that carried a message of optimism and hope.
Putting the finishing touches on the band, they added guitarist Casey Toohey and drummer Kevin G.  Since performing at local events and open-mics, the group soon became a united force.

Worth The Wait will be released on June 6.
“We’re truly excited to share our new music,” Ryan states. “Our EP Worth The Wait pulls
elements from pop, rock, jazz, and even strands of classical music. It’s an eclectic fusion of our influences and individual personalities. We can’t wait to get out there to perform these songs and see what the future holds.”


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