Julietta prepares to release “Levitate” EP

This year has been an eventful one for indie-pop alchemist Julietta. She’s worked on her upcoming EP Levitate and has released the title track. 

Julietta traded in her East Coast life for the West Coast, traded wild nights out for hard-working days, and left her battles with anxiety and depression for solitary reflection. With her EP Levitate, Julietta has transformed her new-found freedom into five ethereal gems. 

With this title track, she lets go of the expectations of others and self-imposed expectations of herself in favor of creating her own narrative. 

“Say what you want to say, I’m a million miles away from what you want me to be,” Julietta confidently croons over a pulsing beat. 

When it comes to the single, she says “‘Levitate’ means the world to me. I wrote it with Jordan Topf and Sean Silverman when I moved to Los Angeles and began to shed the layers I had been carrying for my whole life. I left everything and everyone I knew behind in New York to start over. At times it was very lonely and other times exhilarating. ‘Levitate’ is a song about choosing your own story and choosing what to tell people vs what they think they know about you. And above it all, understanding that at the end I’ll always be left with me myself and I – so let go of all the bullshit and hold yourself up.”

The Levitate EP follows her 2018 release, Smooth Sailing, which takes us on a journey through her adolescence as a wild youth growing up in New York City, and captures her spirit of spontaneity and sense of adventure for a sound both organic and independent. 

It combines elements of psychedelic pop with dreamy car beats. It lives inside the perfect summer afternoon and is set to brighten up a dreary fall afternoon. 

To date, Julietta has reached over 6 million streams and her 2017 breakout single “Beach Break” has received over 2 million listeners.


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