Finn Matthews releases new single+music video

Finn Matthews’ career started when he found a mentor in Elijah Blake, who has penned hits for artists like Rihanna, Usher, and Rick Ross. Blake was amazed by Finn’s delicate, yet soulful falsetto voice. At age 16, Finn moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles to pursue music fulltime.

Soon after this, he received a deal with Live Nation in which released his first single and music video for the song “Julia,” this hit over 1.2 million views. 


As he grew older, he sharpened his guitar skills, along with venturing into the writing and producing world. 

Now with his debut album, Sunny Daze, which he wrote and produced), Finn presents a blend of vibey, bedroom pop rooted in R&B, and marked by his signature vocal.

When it comes to his latest single, “Into The Open,” Matthews says “this song is about finding the best version of yourself through love. It’s also about understanding that you can always improve your outlook on life and your situation. I wrote this song during a transformative time where I finally began to accept myself and I want others to be inspired to love themselves and do what they love.”


This single along with other songs by Finn Matthews can be found on all streaming services. 


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