Mohawk Bends brings new single into 2020

Back in January, the Austin, Texas, based-band, Mohawk Bends released a single, “See What You Do To Me.” This single is a commanding and anthemic hit that sees them pushing the boundaries of their own creativity. Instead of being driven by their personal expectations and concerns, or writing the songs, they thought they should be writing, with “See What You Do To Me,” Mohawk Bends lets loose, has fun, and brings their fans along for the ride in the process.

The band says “when we approached “See What You Do To Me,” we wanted to create something that would allow our audience a certain amount of escape. We didn’t want to get political, we didn’t want to get too “real” we just wanted to write a fun, relatable rock tune that people could get lost in. This song is the result of us letting go of our expectations, concerns, and our self-consciousness about what we thought we should be writing. We wanted to write something we’d enjoy, that our fans would enjoy, and that’s exactly what we did.”

The band formed in the summer of 2018 with Alex La Fuente, Colin Clay, Chris Michael, and Jonathan More. Following a private performance for close friends and family at SXSW with the touring act, Hate Drugs, the four immediately began writing their first record. In the following months,  the band made their public debut in high-profile Austin venues, including Stubbs and the Mohawk, and immediately charmed audiences with their polished, energetic performances.

Mohawk Bends have continued to play in premier Austin venues to an ever-growing fanbase. They have been featured on the CW’s 512 Studios Live program, shared marquis with national touring acts such as Local Natives, Hippo Campus, and The Districts, and have begun writing and recording their next musical phase with the plans to release new music in the inter of 2020.

“See What You Do To Me” can be streamed here


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