PREMIERE: Portes’ electronic political album “National Anthems”

Denver based singer-songwriter, PORTES is not afraid to overstep boundaries and get controversial when it comes to her music. 

Being born in Guatemala and then being adopted as a baby and raised in Colorado.  

She uses her multi-cultural experience has informed her life, education, and perspective from youth to the present as a way to take action and bring forth a message of political distress. This message is clear in her new album, “National Anthems.”

“National Anthems” is a political protest album. It’s a pointed album bringing awareness to the misdeeds and mistrust of the Trump administration. Despite National Anthems being a force to reckoned with, she also sings about a very personal moment of sexual assault. This Nine Inch Nails infused album addresses lies, corruption, fake news, protesting, liberty, and the heroism of her beloved grandfather. 

Despite being a newer staple in the electronic music scene in Colorado, PORTES has made quite the impact. She has sung in numerous churches in Colorado as an alto in the choir or leading the worship team. She has written songs with award-winning songwriters and a Grammy-nominated producer. She has been wowing audiences performing a cappella at Parker Days; Musicians Making a Difference; Make Music Denver; and the Durango Songwriters Expo. 

With this release, I feel as if PORTES is taking steps that other musicians in the pop industry are afraid to take. When you have a platform, where people are listening and following you, it is important that you use that platform to speak about important topics such as the political distress the United States is in.

To actually make a difference in this world, you have to put yourself on a pedestal and actually advocate for change. With “National Anthems” PORTES is using her platform to speak about the important issues, corruption, and the haunting lies, that other artists haven’t touched on or might be too afraid to speak about. When it comes to the lies, she says “ One of her singles, “In Lockstep,” is a song is about the mindlessness of this administration. As a friend of mine said, “Hate never made anything great!” And the line in the song, “Are we having fun yet?” addresses the fact that every day there is just something that is just as shocking as the day before. I’m constantly surprised how corrupt and manipulative some in our government are, like Mitch McConnell. I’m a Christian, so I’ll keep praying for him, but goodness, the lies are so constant. He’d disagree about the sky being blue.”

She goes on to say “In Lockstep is generally about how ridiculous Trump is and how those who associate with him are as equally corrupt as him. I’d love it if he just played golf and would stop meddling in government affairs for which he knows nothing about. He’s very uneducated about everything needed to be a decent president. Being a president is about listening, not reacting. It’s about learning the facts, not thinking you know everything. It’s about diplomacy and communication, not telling people to shut up if you don’t like what they say. It’s about compassion, not caging children. This song is my national anthem.” 

“National Anthems” was released on President’s Day, February 17 of this year.


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