Fredonia’s Own: 42 Eagle

Fredonia is full of great musicians, how could it not be? After all, this is a music school! Out of the many bands emerging from the area, the one that has been doing a lot recently is 42 Eagle.

If anyone remembers the good days when Yik Yak was around, “Party at 42 Eagle” was a post the circulated often. This is actually a good chunk of the reason why the band went with the name 42 Eagle.

Jake Supovitz, one of the two vocalists and guitarists of the band says that “We came up with our band name after one of the first times Chris (other vocalist and guitarist in the band) and I hung out. We were looking for parties to go to and someone saw on Yik Yak that there was a party at 42 Eagle and we thought it would be a funny band name. We got to the party and they didn’t let us in but we were still dumb enough to name our band after that address.”  Thus, on September 26th, 2015. 42 Eagle was born!
For clarification. the band does not live at 42 Eagle, this is something that gets a lot of people confused at first.

The band started off as a trio with Supovitz, Chris Egan, and Pat Hart, the band’s trumpet player. Then they added Corwin on drums and Dan Calderone on the bass.

Some of their major influences are The Front Bottoms, Modern Baseball, Mom Jeans, and Remo Drive.

Right now, they are working on releasing their second full-length album, which will be titled “Stalemate.” It started off as an EP, but then the band pushed back the release date to make it an album of its own.
The whole thing has been recorded, a single has been picked out, and all we’re waiting for is the release information which will be announced soon.

To get your 42 Eagle fix, for now, you can check out their debut album “42 Eagle” which was released in October of 2016.

Music can be streamed on Bandcamp and Spotify
Be sure to keep an eye out on their Facebook for upcoming show/album release announcements!


42 eagle yo
42 Eagle before playing their first BJ’s show! Photo by: Mackenzie Jordan




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