A Tisket, A Tasket: Listen To Cash Basket

cash basket

“A Tisket a Tasket” is the latest release from Cash Basket. The band originates from Nashville, Tennessee. They didn’t start off as Cash Basket though. In 2012 up until 2015, they went under the name Bloom. 
As Cash Basket, they have two EP’s out. They both give off very big summertime vibes- the type of music that makes you want to drive with all the windows down or laying on a beach, which is talked about in the first track on “a tisket a tasket.”
The EP was written in early 2016, recording began that year as well, was completed in 2017 and then finally released in February of this year. 

This five-piece band provides the perfect blend of upbeat, feel-good songs and emo jams.  Sami Coppola, who goes to a lot of shows in the Buffalo area, says they remind her of a mix of old local band “Crush, the Everlasting” and emo-rock group “Sorority Noise” With obscure lyrics like, “life is short and sad when we compare it to fish,” they pull you in to keep listening to how the song is going to progress forward from there on.

So where does the name Cash Basket come from? The band says that one of their friends, Ryan Rado, a painter in Nashville,  came up with the name after watching an episode of The Office.
“In the episode, Andy and Jim are talking about gift baskets with Micheal Scott, when they decide a basket of cash would be better than a gift basket. A cash basket!”

Although they don’t have much buzz around them, doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be. They are definitely one of the bands in the scene that are being overlooked. 
The band toured a lot under their old band name, but will be hitting the road in April as Cash Basket!

“A Tisket, A Tasket” can be streamed on Spotify here: Cash Basket

For Fans Of: A Will Away, Balance and Composure, & Microwave


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