The Frst releases “Pop Punk Song”- an angsty song for the outcasts

The Frst is an alternative rock supergroup that is dedicated to pure sonic exploration and evolving on a song-to-song basis. Earlier this month, they released “Pop Punk Song,” which pokes fun at the current state of alternative music. 

“’ Pop Punk Song” is not only a humorous caricature of ourselves but of the world at large. The lyrics speak to frustrations with dead-end jobs, abusive cycles, and breaking free. It’s a cathartic call to arms for everyone!” Band leader Mikei Gray says.

“This was our goofball way of making fun of ourselves and our friends in ‘our scene’. But the song itself was actually written in the fall of 2019, which is hard to remember a time before the pandemic: MGK was still rapping, and the Pop Punk Revival was only 1 coronavirus away from becoming the next big thing.” 

After writing the song in 2019, The Frst teamed up with Dead Bundy to make the pieces come together.

“The angst of the lyrics was honest and came from touring through southern college towns (which btw I grew up in one), and sometimes ‘the bro’ mentality, closed-mindedness could really get you to at times. It was written in a self-preservation way, as a rallying battle cry for all the outsiders, weirdos, rockers, and punks, metalheads, and dorks to unite with a screaming message when they’d had enough bull sh*t  – “SHUT THE F#%$ UP & PLAY SOME POP PUNK!”

The Frst will definitely be bringing punk back to its roots and can be streamed on Spotify.


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