Kill The Clock Release Show

*Photo by Brianna Stacy

Kill The Clock, a pop-punk band from Buffalo, is quickly starting to gain popularity not only in their local scene but all over the United States.

To ring in the new year, Kill The Clock celebrated by releasing a much-anticipated EP, “Doll Motion,”

The band began recording the seven-song EP exactly a year before it was released, January 2, 2018.  

With being a pop-punk band in Buffalo, the city with a blooming pop-punk scene, Kill The Clock knew that this release had to have a special kick to get new listeners interested. The band was able to get Greg Kolb, of Bungler, a hardcore Buffalo band, to be featured on the fourth-track “Spaced- Out.”

The mix of clean and harsh vocals in this song removes the bias that all pop-punk bands sound the same.

Greg Kolb has always been a friend of the band and was super excited when he got to finally collaborate with them.

To celebrate the release of “Doll Motion,” the band held not one, but two release shows on January 4th  at Stamps in Tonawanda.

When discussing the two shows, Joe Morganti, a journalism student here at Buffalo State and lead guitarist in Kill The Clock said that “We were expecting a good response due to the small cap of the venue, but we were unsure to what extent. We were fortunate enough to sell out the first show within a week of announcing it, which was awesome.” He then adds, “The second show actually ended up outselling the first show, and going beyond the venues cap.” He thinks that this has to do with the bands that played the second show.

The first of the two shows, which started at 6 pm, had Kill The Clock headlining, Mallory Run, and another Buffalo bigshot, Fernway.
From what I heard, and witnessed, the later show which started at 9 pm got a bit rowdier. Fallow Land opened up the second show, followed by Buffalo power=pop group, Super American. Kill The Clock and Fernway shared headlining the stage although it was the Kill The Clock release show. Kill The Clock played songs from each of their EP’s, making it a good mix between old songs and the ones newly released.

For Buffalo and Fredonia shows, depending on how the crowd is, the band does something…interesting to end the set. Their booking manager, Pat Walker, of Last Call Entertainment, had got them ironically hooked on the song “Break Stuff,” by Limp Bizkit. With this being such a big show, Kill The Clock ended their set with “Break Stuff,” featuring Pat Walker, which has become a small tradition for the band.

“It honestly depends on the crowd whether or not we play it.,” Morganti comments. Most of the time, if it’s requested enough beforehand, the band will usually play it.

For the past three years, Kill The Clock has been going out of their way to make sure they don’t get labeled as “just another pop-punk band.”

Buffalo musician, Milo Duhn, said that he can see Kill The Clock reaching the height of fame that Every Time I Die has.

Morganti commented, “We are very fortunate to be part of Buffalo’s music scene. Everyone is very supportive. It also helps when you have bands like Super American and Fernway on the bill. And regarding the ETID comparison, we are obviously very grateful to receive such an amazing compliment (considering we’re all big fans), but we do not feel that way at all. We can only hope to achieve a fraction of the success they’ve made.”


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