Artist Profile: lifehold.

Kai Salmon is a musician from the suburbs of Southern Ontario. He has been making music for a little over seven years now. Kai started playing acoustically on his own up until he was fourteen.
Within the past year, he has started two solo projects, “lifehold.” and “sidenotes.”  Both projects take on a more lo-fi striped down form of the emo genre.
” ‘lifehold.’  being my main project, takes on a much more structured approach to that sound whereas ‘sidenotes.’  tends to be all over the place,” Salmon says.

His biggest inspiration for writing music is just life.

“Everything I’ve ever written about has been a fragment of something I had felt or experienced and thought it was worth speaking about or just feelings I needed to get off of my chest,” he comments.

When talking about his musical influences, he couldn’t sum it down to just one:

“I have very different musical influences now compared to when I started playing music but I think it’s fair to talk about both timestamps since they all have shaped me into the artist
I am now. Starting out I’d say one of my biggest influences was Adam Young, the persona behind Owl City. His music really got me interested in production and creating this ambiance within songs that can not only be heard but can be visualized when listening. Currently, I take a strong influence from the more grungy side of modern emo. I love bands like Title Fight, Citizen, and La Dispute but also have a great appreciation for smaller artists that just create in their bedroom. Any new music from me is just a big pool of all those things and I’m having a lot of fun messing with those different vibes.”

Lastly, we talked about his dream tour to be on.

“Maybe something like Owl City headlining, playing only his first record in full every night Mayday Parade co-headlining with Jason Lancaster on vocals again, Citizen and nothing, nowhere as direct support,” he jokes. “Then, I would open that tour with lifehold songs all by myself.”

His two projects can both be listened to on Bandcamp by clicking the links below!

lifehold.  & sidenotes.

Photo by: Blaire Norton



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