New Punk Band On The Rise: Ghostpool

Ghostpool releases first EP


21558627_483090362061868_9212490219647928620_nBuffalo’s pop-punk scene has been growing and spreading very quickly in the past few years. With bigger bands like Head North and Pentimento, slipping under the radar it’s giving an opportunity for newer and younger groups to get their time to shine.

Ghostpool is a pop-punk, emphasis on the punk, that started about a year and a half ago. Members include Nick Jones on guitar and vocals, Jake Amadori, also on vocals, guitar, and bass on occasion, and Alec Westover on drums. Since their start, they have been pretty quiet up until this winter. Although the band is a trio as of now, Jones thinks they have found a permanent bassist.

So what have they been doing while M.I.A.? The three-piece has been working very hard on their first studio EP, ” There is a Hole at the Center of Everything,” which was released on February 5th.

This EP consists of  a lot fast guitar riffs, punk-esque vocals, and edgy/angsty lyrics like “say that you’re angry but I think you’re just sad
we’re all turning into our pissed off dads”  (Dropout)
and “the resentment of your body burn the ashes on the ground
to be confined inside for so long but you can’t open mouth” (Bleeding Heart)

How does one come up with a band name like Ghostpool? Vocalist Nick Jones opens up on how the band got the name.
“Jake and I came up with the name while looking at a pool cover blowing in the wind, we didn’t know what else to call ourselves and we thought it had a nice enough ring to it.”

Jones says a lot of his personal influences come from bands like The Menzingers and Red City Radio, but as a band, they draw influence from all types of music.

Their EP can be streamed on Bandcamp: Ghostpool’s EP  and if you like what you hear they will be playing at Nietzsche’s on the 28th of this month and March 27th at Mohawk Place.

For Fans Of: Basement, Title Fight, &  Joyce Manor


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